You feel you know driving, and you are excited to give the driving test. Make sure that you know what mistakes to avoid during the test because before you take your freedom on the road, you need to pass the driving test. Some mistakes hold the drivers from getting a pass in their tests. So, you do not commit them. We are listing eighteen of them here. Keep reading to be watchful of your driving while you give the test.

1. Complete your paperwork

You need to collect some papers on your test day so arrive early at the test center. Do not forget to pick up your test permit, couple ID, vehicle registration papers, insurance, Canadian nationality, and existing learner’s license. Forgetting these would disqualify you for the test.

2. Not looking around you through mirrors

Mirrors reveal to you all the area surrounding your car. So, if you miss looking at your rear-view mirror and especially the side mirrors every 8 to 12 seconds, you miss points.

3. Driving too fast

Do not drive at the highest speed limit on a road when there is traffic congestion, fog, rain, or an accident. Properly lower your vehicle’s speed at a safe level otherwise you will lose points. 

4. Driving too slowly

Be confident when you give your driving test and do not drive too slowly below the speed limit because it may cause danger to you and other drivers. Hence, you lose points.

5. Scan crosswalk

Observe the crosswalk for any pedestrian. Not stopping for a pedestrian will be a fail.

6. Opening the door without seeing

You should look around you through the mirrors and by turning your head to examine every blind spot before you open the door and step out. You will lose points when you forget to do so.

7. Getting too close

Do you know the perfect distance between you and the vehicle in front of you? Keep there a safe space between you and the vehicle ahead of you while driving and at the time of stopping.  If you don’t, you will fail the test!

8. Unfocused driving

Checking your phone or listening to anything does not let you drive with full focus. So, keep your phone at a distance and do not use it while driving. It is better to keep it on Do Not Disturb to avoid distraction.  Distracted driving will not help you pass.

9. Wrong hill parking

Your car wheels should be to the curb on the downhill and to the road on the uphill. If you go wrong in this rule, you automatically fail.

10. Rolling stops

When you reach the traffic red signal or any other stop sign, stop your vehicle and do not roll through either as you will lose many points from your score.

11. Wrong lane changes

Always change your lane according to relevant lane-changing rules. An intersection is not a place to change lanes even if no other vehicle is in view. Also, do not change your lane when you are turning. If you do that, you will lose many points.

12. Improper steer control

Driving with both hands is critical for maintaining full control of your vehicle. So, don’t drive with one hand otherwise there’s a big chance you lose control even slightly and lose your points during the test.

13. Stopping at four-way-stops

When you reach an intersection with four-way stops, wait for your turn. If you want to turn, let the vehicle at your right turn first if there is any.

14. Disconfident freeway merging

Usually, a test administrator does not take you onto a freeway but should he do that, merge into the traffic from the entrance ramp confidently without stopping at the end of the ramp. 

15. Hard Breaking

Make sure you are familiar with the brakes of your vehicle. Do not hard break when stopping during your test except in an emergency. Keep your pressure on the brakes just proper to stop. Remember the rule of slowing down is gradual and then finally a stop.

16.  Forgetting 360 check

Do not forget to check 6 points before maneuvering. When you start your car and it is parked on the left side of the road, 1. look over your left shoulder; 2. your left door mirror; 3. look ahead; 4. your interior mirror; 5. right door mirror; and 6. through a final glance over your right shoulder and release the breaks. The 6th point is the most important and your neglection to this will be a fail.

17.  Your car not complying with safety rules

Do not use a car for a test that does not comply with the safety laws. Check the safety belt, headlights, indicators, taillights, windshield wipers, brakes, and overall condition of the car is in perfectly safe working condition. If your car is not up to the standard, you will likely commit a mistake and fail the test.

18. Not understanding traffic lights properly

Do not act abruptly towards traffic lights. Understand each traffic light color properly and act accordingly. A mistake occurring out of your inaccurate understanding of traffic lights will make you lose your points. A few mistakes among above like driving at 60 where 50km is the limit or even 35 in 30 km limit or not stopping on a stop sign or running an amber light can be violation so be careful because one mistake can you the road test. You need to practice before giving the test to know how to drive more accurately.

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