Just got your license? You must be excited to relish in that sense of freedom and finally get going on the road by yourself. However, as a young driver, it is your responsibility to educate yourself about the necessary precautions that need to be taken seriously as a new driver.

  1. Ignoring Road Rules

Basic road rules are often ignored by young drivers. It is crucial to be aware of the speed limit on the road that you are driving and that you don’t exceed that limits for the sake of yours and other people’s safety. It is common for people to drive very fast in school zones despite the “slow-down” or “stop” signs, which puts children’s lives in danger. Making a rolling stop at stop signs (not only outside schools) instead of coming to a full and complete stop does not compensate for it either.

Other components of irresponsible driving are unsafe lane changes; that is doing so without giving a signal, or not checking the mirrors, and not being careful of the blind spots around your vehicle.

Improper hand placement on the steering wheel is another delicate yet dangerous thing often overlooked by young drivers. You need to have both of your hands outside of the steering wheel on opposite sides with a firm grip.

Moreover, you need to know how to scan intersections properly. You should look ahead of your vehicle and be prepared to stop if the lights at the intersection turn red by the time you reach them.

  1. Driving When Tired

Another factor taken very leniently by a lot of new drivers is that they don’t avoid getting behind the wheel when they’re tired or drowsy. To have a safe drive (even if it is for ten minutes), your mind needs to be alert and fresh so that your reflexes can kick in if called for.

Young and hard-working students are most likely to take the blow of fatal accidents due to fatigue and sleep deprivation caused by the pressure of school, studies, projects, etc.

However, all of that effort is going to go to waste if you get involved in an accident that could cause a major injury or even put your life in grave danger by pulling an all-nighter and then drive to your university yourself.

  1. Not Maintaining a Safe Distance

Not maintaining a safe distance will not only put yourself in danger; but also the car or cars ahead of you, who you are failing to keep a safe distance from. Driving School Abbotsford is here to teach you all about these precautions.

The drivers in front of you may have to apply their brakes at any time, which is why it is always suggested to keep a good distance from the cars around you. Better safe than sorry!

  1. Not Using Indicator Lights and Mirrors Properly

One of the first things that you are taught at Driving School Abbotsford is the importance of an indicator and how it is to be used when you are making a turn, reversing, merging into a different lane, and driving in or out of a parking spot. The use of an indicator is very helpful; it informs the drivers around you of your actions and helps you contribute to creating a safe environment for everyone.

As for mirrors, they are also very important, they play a crucial role in ensuring your safety. The rear-view and side-view mirrors allow you to be aware of your surrounding and the vehicles around you. You must know how to adjust them properly and should never take it leniently.

  1. Distracted Driving

Another very common mistake among drivers (new or old), is the use of mobile phones and gadgets while driving. Driving School Abbotsford is here to show you how what makes a good driver and how to avoid distractions.

You could simply be going through your social media, chatting with someone, setting up the GPS, or talking to someone over the phone.

These are things that can surely wait until you reach your destination; and in the case of an emergency, please try to slow down your car and stop at the side of the road before you attend that urgent call.

However, distractions aren’t restricted to technological devices only, it can be that burger you picked up at the drive-thru or getting immersed in singing along to your favorite song on the radio, or maybe getting super into a conversation with the person sitting beside you.

  1. Being Overconfident

It is without a doubt important to be confident while driving, but not too confident. Youngsters often like taking risks and pulling “stunts” which include unnecessary speeding as well. All of these actions are extremely dangerous and are so not worth risking you and other people’s lives in danger.

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