Ultra Driving Course

Ultra Driving Course

Ultra Driving course is for those who have at least 20 hours of driving lessons, and want to improve their driving further. If you have attained our premium course, then this course is the next level. If you think you need more help with your driving, you will get 15 hours of intensive practise with a professional instructor in this course.

Here at Mapple Driving School, we curated this course to make your driving more efficient and take you to the expert level. You will become a confident driver and keen observer of your surroundings after going through this driving program.

Our professionals are trained with up-to-date best practices and can help in your driving license journey. We strive to provide Canadians with a driver education program that they can trust. You’ll get trained to become a responsible and safe driver tomorrow. Here at Mapple Driving School, we take pride in providing the highest quality of in-car driver training, and excellent customer service to each participant.

This course is most suited for:

Anyone who knows the basics and want extensive help to master the skills

This course includes:

15 hours of in-car practical driving license
Guidance and help from a driving professional
Road Test
Do you want to upgrade your driving under extensive guidance? Or do you have any loved one that is learning how to drive but now wants further help? Mapple Driving School is here to walk you through the journey and prepare for your driving license.

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