Maple Driving Special 

Maple Driving Special 

Want to teach your kids how to drive in a stress-free way? If you have been teaching your kids how to drive and want professional help, then this course is specifically designed for you. You will get five hours of driving in a car with a professional who will take you from beginner to expert level. 

This course is also good for if you are an immigrant who has a lot of experience driving in your home country or some driving experience in Canada, this is the best way to take your driving from beginner’s level to expert level.

Additionally, parents tend to be hard on their kids for their mistakes and kids find it hard to relax while learning how to drive a car in a parent’s presence. Even if you are taking driving lessons with a relative or colleague, it gets confusing and hard to apply your learning efficiently. 

Here at Mapple Driving School, a driving instructor will help you or your kid in a stress-free way without damaging your vehicle. Our driving professionals are very good at handling people and situations. Plus, they have up-to-date best practices to make your driving more efficient than your parents or any relative can have. It may cost you a little more working with a driving professional but it is always worth it – if you want to upgrade your driving from beginner to expert level.

This course is best suited for:

Kids who have learned some driving with their parents but now want to upgrade their skills.
Immigrants who already have driving skills but want to upgrade their driving skills according to the Canadian situation.

This course includes: 

5 hours of driving lessons in car
A driving professional to guide you about rules and regulations
Road Test

You can split the hours into 1 hour each, 90 minutes each, 2 hours, each, or even two sessions of two and half hours. This course is specifically designed for you to take your writing from a beginner’s level to an expert level – and, help you get a driving license in Canada.

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