Start to Finish

Start to Finish

Don’t have anyone to teach you how to drive in Canada? Worry no more, we have got you covered. 

Even if you don’t know much, this course consists of 25 hours of driving lessons that will help you learn everything from start to finish so you can become a licensed driver in Canada. Whether you are a new Canadian citizen or a new resident, learning the rules of the road and how to drive can feel intimidating — especially for new immigrants who already have a lot on their minds and usually don’t have much support to find a qualified driving school.

Driving rules and regulations can be different in Canada from your home country. Even if you know how to drive, you may have been used to the laws of your home country. That’s why It is important to learn the driving laws and regulations of Canada if you want to drive safely here without getting into any trouble.

At Mapple Driving School, we offer this ‘Start to Finish’ course that will give you all the education, training, hands-on experience, and guidance to drive safely and help you pass your next G driving status. 

This course is best for:

New Immigrants

This course includes:

25 hours of practical driving lessons in the car
A professional instructor to guide you about rules and regulations
Road Test

Whether you are a beginner or a new immigrant in Canada, this course is specifically designed for you to become a successful driver and pass your road test efficiently. You’ll get to learn in a respected, fun, and engaging environment while getting guidance from a professional driving instructor suited to your needs.

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