FAQs Maple Driving School

FAQs Maple Driving School

What number of hours of driving class is good for me to learn driving?            

For new students who do not know how much practice they need, we suggest taking an assessment test with our instructor. Through this test, he evaluates how many hours you need to take the class every day based on your current expertise and abilities. If you are not a novice but have some previous driving experience, call our customer care representative. He will suggest the right package for you.

What skills of driving I will learn from your lessons?

At Maple Driving School we train our students until they become safe and confident drivers on the roads. Our highly-qualified and experienced instructors will train you on all essential driving skills. These skills include:

– Steering and wheel control

– Pre-trip check

– Two and three-point turns

– Becoming confident at large intersections

– Maintaining speed control

– Stall parking (driving forward and backing up)

– Changing lanes safely

– Maneuvering smoothly through parallel parking

– Hazard perception

– Maneuvering and avoiding head-on collisions

– Merging and exiting highways or freeways

– Gaining confidence for the road test

Does writing the letter ‘L’ on my car allow me to drive alone?

No, writing ‘L’ is not enough to let you drive alone. Our instructor must be with you or a 25-years or older supervisor having a class five B.C. driver’s license. 

Can I drive with the letter ‘N’ while I am a new driver?

Yes, you can do that but with the following conditions:

0 alcohol blood level.

Letter ‘N’ is displayed on the back of your car.

Only one passenger and if more, they should be direct family members. And a 25-years or older supervisor should be with you, having a valid B.C. Class 5 driver’s license.

How can I practice for the computerized knowledge test?

You can do practice online on Richmond Public Library or ICBC website. Otherwise, download the mobile app and practice on your smartphone.

Is it possible to transfer my license from another country to a full BC license?

Yes, if your license is from the following countries you can transfer it:

United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Switzerland, South Korea, New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan,  Ireland, Guernsey Isle of Man Jersey, Germany, France, Belgium, and Australia.

How long is the GLP program and what is it about?

GLP program takes almost 2.5 to 3 months.

This course is available only at licensed and certified ICBC approved Driving schools. The course focuses on in-class theory and 1on1 behind the wheel practical lessons.

Students successful at GLP course receive:

2 High School credits.

6 months off of the N stage of your license.

How a Class 4 Restricted license is different from an Unrestricted Licence?

A Class 4 Unrestricted Driver’s Licence will allow you to operate Buses with a Maximum Seating Capacity of 25 Persons like buses for schools or tourist trips or vehicles for people with disabilities. Also, you can drive Ambulances, Taxis, Limousines, or any vehicles in Class 5.

A Class 4 Restricted Driver’s Licence permits you to operate Taxis and Limousines with no more than 10 individuals including the driver, Special Vehicles with a seating capacity of not more than 10 persons including the driver, Ambulances, and any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in Class 5.

How do you operate safely during COVID-19?

We are observing all necessary precautions to keep safe from Covid-19. Every student and the instructors use masks and the vehicles are washed clean after every lesson and before.

Are single in-car lessons available at your school?

Yes, single in-car lessons are available at our school. We have designed full courses and different packages of in-car lessons to prepare our students for GLP incentives.

Where do the students do their road test?

ICBC has fixed routes for road testing. At the beginning of the road test, the ICBC driving examiner chooses a route and instructs the students to drive as per the fixed route with any modifications they see fit. When you take driving lessons with our instructor, they will show you and familiarize you with some of the commonly known fixed routes. On the day of the exam, our instructor stays there until you finish the test and then drives you back to your home. 

Is learners’ driving license renewable?

Once your leaerrner’s license is expired it is not renewable. You need to take the computer knowledge test and pass it. That is good for 2-years.

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