Fast Track Course

Fast Track Course

Want to fast-track your driving lessons? This course is specifically designed for you to learn more in less time. You get 90 minute long sessions rather than one hour that empowers you to accomplish more without spending much time. 

These intensive 90 minutes are tailored in a way to speed your learning process and FastTrack your journey to passing the driving test. You won’t forget what you learn and knowledge and confidence come more quickly than with a one-hour driving lesson. If you are in a hurry – don’t worry! We can set up your Fast Track driving lessons at very short notice – to fit in with your work. 

Our trained driving professionals provide help, advice, and guidance to understand the driving laws and regulations and make your driving efficient.

Here at Maple Driving School, we feel immense pleasure to teach you driving in a modern and time-sensitive way. You get a proper understanding of Canadian traffic laws, up-to-date driving practices maneuvers and road safety.

This course is best suited for:

Anyone who fast-track their driving learnings without spending much time.

This course includes:

90 minutes of practical in-car lessons
An instructor to give you guidance

You should enroll in this course if you want to learn more in less time. Instead of going for two one-hour courses, you should opt for 90 minutes lessons. Easy on your pockets, easy on your schedule.

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