When a person sits in a car, he immediately is at risk. Even if he is driving very carefully, he will still be at risk, because there will be some mad drivers out there who will ram their vehicle into your just because they are over speeding and cant control their car. Once you wear the seatbelt, your chances of surviving a vehicle crash will instantly increase. The seatbelts in your car have lifesaving qualities. If you face any accident, they will prevent any part of your body to hit the interior of the car. In addition to this, if there are more passengers in the car, it will also prevent your body from ramming into other passengers in the vehicle. Sometime, the crash is so fatal that people in the car may fly outside. The seatbelts will keep your body intact to the seat of the car and make you go no where.

However, the question arises as to how the seatbelts protect us! You must have noticed that while putting on the seatbelt, if you pull a bit harder, the seat belt locks up. That’s the main functionality of the seat belt. On impact or when you hit the emergency brake, the seatbelt instantly locks up and keeps you in place. Moreover, most cars have airbags in them. Although these airbags are there to protect you, but they open up with force and can cause you a little harm.

Now lets look at some tips that you might want to keep in mind. The lap/shoulder belt system should be brought into practice. You should position the belt low over your hips and then over the shoulder and finally across your chest. A simple wrong position can cause you a lot of harm if you face an accident. In addition to this, you should never recline your seat while wearing the seatbelt in a driving car. Some people go for seat belt adjuster that changes the angle of wearing the seatbelt. If the seatbelt adjuster is really very important, then you shouldn’t choose one that affects the path of the seatbelt.

During the pregnancy period of women, they should wear the lap belt snug and over the pelvic bones and the shoulder belt should snug against the chest. The laws in British Columbia has also identified the importance of seatbelts. There are laws that state that a person will not be able to sell a vehicle until and unless it is equipped with at least two seat belts. In the same way, a person should also not operate a vehicle that does not have the seatbelts. In addition to this, the fine for not wearing a seat belt in British Columbia is set at 167 dollars.


Conclusion: Car crashes are fatal and seatbelts help us survive them. At a speed of 55 km/hr if a person faced an accident, its equivalent to falling from a three story building. If the car crash is at a speed of 80 km/hr, passengers who haven’t worn the seat belt will fly forward with a force of 3,000 pounds.

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