Driving during the holiday season becomes challenging due to busy roads, harsh weather conditions, limited light, and crowds due to holiday. It is reported by ICBC that 1900 cars crash on average in a year over the holiday season in BC. Thus, driving carefully and avoiding risk should be the topmost priority of drivers. Most drivers trust their driving skills and are quick to blame others for car crashes but during the holiday season prioritize safe driving over being over-confident. Instead of taking risks and putting the life of your friends and family at stake, you must keep in mind the following tips for safe driving.


Take turns while driving:

Take regular breaks during the driving if you have planned for a long trip. Most car crashes occur due to inattentiveness or drowsiness. You must stay fresh and alert during driving during the holiday season. Always plan your trip with another person who can drive. The holiday season has unsafe conditions for driving, so even if you are a skilled driver try to take turns while driving to prevent drowsy driving. Before starting any trip, make sure you have enough sleep.  


Try defensive driving:

The holiday season has immense traffic additionally, the weather conditions are harsh. During the holiday season, try defensive driving. Do not let the aggressive behavior of other drivers make you lose your concentration and calm. People’s safety is more important than driving offensively and impatiently. Let the aggressive drivers pass by to ensure safe driving. Most car crashes are due to negligent or impatient drivers. Analyze the situation on road and keep yourself away from reckless drivers by either switching lanes or slowing down the speed.


Hire a designated driver:

Hiring a designated driver for a safe holiday season is the wisest choice. Often drivers take the risk of drunk driving. Such driving cause crashes because you are not attentive and feel drowsy. Even when you have incomplete sleep or some health issues that can cause a drowsy effect will cause car crashes. In cases like these, always hire a designated driver. It is better to hire someone than to take the risk of putting people in danger. 


Do not drive impaired:

Impaired driving is the most dangerous driving. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or anything that can impair driving. Impair driving is the most irresponsible driving, and you put not only your life but other’s life at risk. Consequences and penalties of crashes during impaired driving include a heavy fine, insurance breach, driving suspensions, jail for a time being, and confiscating your vehicle. If you plan to drink then, hire a designated driver or call a friend or family member to prevent potential driving risks. 


Avoid Distractions:

Do not use mobile or anything distracting during driving. In BC, the roads are already bombarded with heavy traffic, snow, fog, and reckless drivers. You must stay active and analyze driving on busy roads. Even if you distract yourself for a second by reading a text message, then your car can crash because of your inattentiveness. Make sure to keep your phone silent or if you want to make an urgent phone call then park your car on the roadside with less traffic.

Plan before you leave:

Driving in BC during the holiday season is frustrating because of weather conditions and the traffic on the road. Thus, plan before you leave for driving. Check for weather conditions, keep your mobile charged for GPS, plan a route, check if there are rest stops on your long trip routes, get enough sleep, and inform others about your traveling route or plan.


Check your vehicle:

Do check your vehicle before starting driving for a safe driving experience during the holiday season. Make sure you get the vehicle checked by a mechanic, make the necessary repairs, inquire if the brakes are working, check the seatbelts, reduce clutter in the car and check the car batteries. Always keep car repairing equipment and attain basic knowledge of car repairing.


Have an emergency kit:

Prepare an emergency kit before leaving for a trip. The kit should include a first aid kit, replacement equipment of batteries, flashlights, road flares, nutrition bars, water, and rock salt or sand for car traction.

Driving in BC winters is often hectic, frustrating, and dangerous. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that everyone is safe during such driving conditions. Therefore, be careful and stay attentive to prevent unfortunate incidents.


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