Premium Driving Course

Premium Driving Course

Hey busy parents, do you want more help to teach your children driving lessons without having to spend more time with them? If you are giving driving lessons to your children, and want to upgrade their skills – then, this course is specifically designed to help you out.
Everyone requires different teaching styles to learn driving. Each one of us faces different challenges while learning such as some hate to parallel park, some get afraid while taking a U-turn, and some have difficulty staying on their roadside. Being a parent, we may want to teach them efficient techniques but most of the time our practices are outdated. We as parents can help our children to an extent for sure, but to help them excel – it’s best to hire a driving professional.

Here at Mapple Driving School, we designed this course to provide more help so you can learn driving with up-to-date knowledge and the latest practices. Our trained professionals understand how to approach different situations and teach different students efficiently.

This course is best suited for:

Children/International Students/Anyone who has some help to learn driving but now wants more help to get their license.

This course includes:

10 hours of in-car practical driving license
Guidance and help from a driving professional
Road Test

You should enroll yourself/your kids if you don’t have enough time to spend but want to learn a premium style of driving and learn laws and regulations efficiently.

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